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At YS TWO SDN BHD used part specialist, we've a large kind of Mercedes body kits in order that you have got all the choices you wish. In fact, we stock additional body kits than the other company on Earth! We've over forty brands of ground effects (including our own line of body kits that we tend to manufacture in house), and that we automotive body kits for over two hundred completely different vehicles! Our store is filled with car body kits and truck body kits, thus take a glance at our fantastic choice. Whether or not you're trying to find a top-of-the-line Mercedes body kit, an inexpensive Mercedes body kit, or some mild-looking however clean Mercedes ground effects, we have got nice selections for you. YS TWO SDN BHD vehicle Sport is that the final searching destination for your Mercedes body kit needs!

Mercedes Body Kits area unit thought of one in every of the foremost effective ways in which to change the planning of your vehicle. You'll be able to obtain a body kit to form your plain vanilla Mercedes Benz seem like a flashy high-end BMW money supply. You'll be able to create your pony seem like associate aggressive rally automotive with immense foglights and a 'Big Mouth' vogue front bumper. Considering that Mercedes body kits will create your automotive look utterly distinctive, they're most likely the foremost effective thanks to customize the planning of your ride.

We get asked these queries all the time. Scan this to urge additional knowing regarding Mercedes body kits:

Question: What area unit Mercedes body kits created of?
Answer: Most body kits area unit either manufactured from fibreglass, poly-urethane, or ABS plastic.

Question: what is the distinction between them?
Answer: every has its execs and cons. Take a look:

Mercedes Benz Body KitsFiberglass body kits - These area unit the foremost rife body kits out and away. the most reason is as a result of they are the foremost cost-efficient to manufacture. Fibreglass body kits area unit most created by hand, and since of that they do not have identical exactness of furniture and end as, say, your machine-made CAD-designed mill bumpers do. Also, most fibreglass body kits will not face up to a collision additionally as, as an example, poly-urethane body kits. That being same, paint adheres rather well to fibreglass, and fibreglass will not warp even within the most extreme of climate. Besides that, they are the foremost cheap variety of body kit out there. additional note: some corporations have introduced high-end fibreglass body kits that use a specialty flex organic compound that provides bodykit buyers the most effective of each worlds: durability and affordability. associate example of this can be the Mercedes complete of body kits, that is maybe the foremost popular-selling line of body kits we provide.

Poly-urethane body kits - Poly-urethane (also observed as merely "urethane") may be a technical word that essentially means that "rubber". ester body kits area unit costlier than fibreglass ones as a result of they price an entire heap additional to form. the price to develop a prototype and mould for a whole ester body kit is regarding twelve times that of a fibreglass body kit. Ester body kits area unit created out of professional quality molds and area unit machine-made, therefore the exactness of end is often solid. Also, ester body kits will really face up to tiny accidents and keep in tactfulness. There area unit many draw backs to ester body kits though: 1) Paint does not adhere to them notably well, thus it takes additional effort to urge them painted properly, 2) they're vulnerable to distortion in extreme climate, thus you'd got to contemplate garaging them from time to time betting on wherever you reside, and 3) They price well over fibreglass body kits.

Mercedes Body KitsABS Plastic body kits - ABS plastic body kits area unit the nearest factor you will find to what your own vehicle is created of. several automobile manufactures use ABS plastic to form body panels. ABS plastic body kits area unit machine-made. They are easier to color than poly-urethane body kits, however approximately as flexible; they're additional resemble plant of your mill body panels. Like poly-urethane body kits, ABS plastic body kits area unit well costlier than fibreglass body kits as a result of they're such a lot additional capital-intensive to style and build.

Question: That brands of Mercedes body kits area unit the best?
Answer: It depends on what material of body kit you wish. Below area unit our votes.

Fiberglass: Extreme Dimensions (Mercedes) body kits, Bomex body kits, Version choose body kits.

Poly-urethane: inert gas body kits, Wings West body kits, JP body kits, KBD body kits.

ABS Plastic: Mercedes body kits.

Mercedes Ground Effects area unit thought of one in every of the foremost effective ways in which to change the planning of your vehicle. a number of the foremost widespread area unit pony ground effects, Camaro ground effects, and Fire bird ground effects. One thing else to remember of is that there area unit heaps of various terms that basically mean identical thing: ground effects, body kits, ground effects kits, automotive ground effects, and truck ground effects. It appears to be that the nomenclature you utilize for a Mercedes ground effects kit may rely on what a part of the country you're from. If you see a Mercedes ground effects package you prefer and have questions about it, otherwise you cannot appear to search out ground effects kits for your automotive or truck, please contact U.S.A. any time.

Q: What is the distinction between fibreglass and poly-urethane body kits?
A: The distinction between fibreglass and poly-urethane body kits is that they're made up of completely different composite materials. Each sorts of materials have positive qualities. Ester may be a rubber-type material that's terribly versatile and can postponement well within the case of associate accident. Ester is so widespread for its sturdiness. fibreglass body kits normally area unit less versatile than ester body kits (although this undoubtedly depends on the manufacturer), however area unit additional proof against extreme climate. to boot, paint adheres fine to fibreglass, thus there doubtless won't be paint issues with a fibreglass. Finally, fibreglass kits area unit comparatively cheap. each composites area unit used wide throughout the planet for body kit producing, and every has tested to be highly regarded.

Q: I see identical form of body kit listed beneath completely different complete names. what is the difference?
A: Indeed, you may generally see identical actual form of body kit listed beneath 2 or additional completely different brands on our web site. during this case, it means the precise same vogue is simply created by over one manufacturer. Every of the body kit makers whose merchandise we stock is associate elite body kit complete, however every has its own distinctive producing method.Read regarding|examine this manufacturer section beneath the detail product listing for every complete to be told additional about each. additionally be happy to contact Malaysia to raise the other queries you may have.

Q: What all do body kits come back with?
A: Full kits typically embrace the front bumper, the facet skirts, and also the rear bumper. cross-check the body kit description to ascertain precisely what's enclosed. Some kits associate with fender flares, wings (spoilers), hoods, or different styling accessories.

Q: area unit body kits and ground effects identical thing?
A: Yes. Ground effects, body kits, spoiler kits, bumper kits and aero kits area unit all terms that mean the precise same factor.

Q: What precisely may be a body kit? Why obtain a body kit?
A: A body kit is actually a set of components that, once put in on your automotive, modify its look. Most body kits modify the planning of the front and rear bumpers and of the rocker panels on a automotive. Several body kits comprises custom bumpers that replace your mill bumpers, whereas others embrace lips or fascias that you just augment your mill bumpers. most body kits associate with side skirts that area unit put in on prime of your mill rocker panels. Body kits typically produce the planning of a down vehicle and might provide your automotive associate aggressive look, a super-clean flowing look, or a auto look, to call many sorts of designs. Out of all out there modifications, body kits most likely create the most important impact on the looks of a automotive. Putting in a body kit on your automotive can utterly modification your car's look, and can actually flip peoples' heads as you drive down the street!

Q: Does one place a body kit on over your mill bumpers, or does one replace your mill bumpers with a body kit?
A: Some body kits associate with bumpers that replace your entire mill bumpers whereas others associate with add-on lips that attach to your existing bumpers. It all depends on the complete and magnificence of the body kit.

Q: Do body kits match over the present bumpers or replace them?
A: Most body kits bumpers would require you to get rid of your original mill bumper covers and replace them with those you've got purchased (normally you utilize identical hardware from your mill bumpers to put in the new body kit bumpers). If your body kit includes front and/or rear "lips" or "fascias" the front and/or rear items can attach beneath your existing bumpers.

Q: Area unit body kits robust enough for a daily driver, or area unit they solely for show cars?
A: Body kits area unit terribly robust once put in properly. Of course, fibreglass will so crack if in an exceedingly collision or if you hit a curb too onerous, however normally they'll last you a protracted time. For a new level of strength, contemplate going with a ester body kit if out there for your vehicle.

Q: Am i able to combine and match body kit elements if i do not sort of a explicit part?
A: Yes, absolutely! confine mind that it is best to do to stay with one complete, however, as extra shipping charges could also be incurred if the components come back from completely different warehouses. If you have got any queries or considerations, simply contact us!

Top five AMG Body Kits
From easy spoilers to full-on wide body aircraft kits, we tend to gift 5 of the most effective aftermarket body kits for Mercedes-AMGs on the market.

There are not several cars additional fashionable tuners than people who rattle off the Affalterbach line, as albeit Mercedes-AMG models area unit usually born with aggressive body kits, aftermarket companies like to take that level of aggression to the intense. whereas most see AMGs because the pinnacle of what Mercedes has got to provide for every of its categories, there'll perpetually be people who need to require things any. and that is wherever the subsequent standardization homes are available in.

Vitt Performance's Squalo vary adorns varied Mercs, and once the widebody kit was applied to the R230 Mercedes SL55 AMG, components were taken from the SL65 AMG Black Series. created from a replacement front bumper, front fender, facet skirts, rear fender and bumper, Black Series-style hood and a replacement rear wing, the result's a awfully aggressive and muscular vogue. All components area unit finished in either CFRP or carbon fiber, whereas out there extras embrace a replacement exhaust kit, brakes and interior components.

After Mercedes unrolled the SLS AMG Black Series, MEC style was one in every of the primary tuners to supply associate aftermarket package that tried to duplicate the new model. supported a typical SLS, the Mercedes standardization specialist created its terribly own "Black Series" bodykit, complete with front and rear bumpers, a replacement facet spoiler, a carbon-fiber front splitter and new diffuser. MEC style additionally revamped the inside, whereas different upgrades enclosed a lift in output from 563 to 631 power unit, a down suspension and a contemporary set of alloys.

Russian standardization house TopCar's aftermarket package for the ML63 AMG is dubbed the Inferno. A Black Series-inspired body kit manufactured from carbon fiber and Kevlar consists of recent front and rear bumpers, fender extensions, overlays on the front doors, sills, hood and rear spoiler, new exhaust tips and diode lights integrated into the front bumper. Engine modifications, courtesy of Evotech Motorsport, ups output to 640 horsepower and 723 lb-ft of force, whereas each interior is formed tailor-made to customer's actual needs.

LA-based Misha styles teamed up with dressmaking Customs of Scottsdale, Arizona, to make this styling package for the CLS63 AMG. The body kit for the AMG-tuned four-door auto includes front and rear bumpers, fenders, hood, facet skirts, and trunk and roof spoilers. The paint work and custom installation was the work of dressmaking Customs, that additionally left its mark on the inside, adding tailor-made handicraft and accents. The transformation was complete by fitting a group of 20-inch Forgiato F2.01 wheels, finished with white spokes and black rims.

Japanese tuner Office-K opted for Wald International's near-legendary Black bovid body kit once tricking out the G55 AMG, combining it with goodies from Mansory and Forgiato Wheels. Consisting of a front and rear bumper, headlamp cowl, rear door panel, fender extentions and carbon-fiber hood, it adds even additional aggression to the already minacious superior G-Wagen. finishing the outside transformation may be a set of 24-inch Forgiato Enzo intrus alloys, a Miracle sq. six-tip exhaust associated an HID and diode custom kit.

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